Nicole Murray is a primary care physician that practices in the Orlando, FL area. Graduating from Brandeis University and The Latin American School of Medicine, she is an expert in her chosen field of Natural, Homeopathic and western medicines. She is leading the research and development of HD Life, which has the philosophy of living our life in high definition; where she has uncovered the way to push business minded people to the next levels. This lead her and her team to create the topic of her book, The Pause Cure.

Nicole comes from a family rich in culture. She was born in the United States in New Jersey, but raised between two heritages: Bajan and Native American. Her father was born and raised in Barbados and her mother was born and raised in New Jersey and her heritage tribe is Leni Lenape. Although Nicole’s education exceeds that of her parents, they together have superior education levels and are proud professionals who understand life’s hardships and sacrifice will reward you in the end.

Nicole attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. and then received her Bachelor’s Degree of Art from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts majoring in Sociology and minoring in women’s studies while fulfilling all premedical coursework during the summers. In her junior year at Brandeis University, she was granted the opportunity to do research abroad in Grenada, W.I. with Brandeis faculty. There in Grenada she studied the social development differences between boys and girls for a 3 month period. During this research time she casually met a Cuban doctor who offered her key information about a scholarship program at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. Returning to the states, Nicole continued the Grenada research project which won recognition awards for the findings and began to investigate the Cuban scholarship opportunity that was presented strategically in her path.

After graduating in 2002 from Brandeis University, she continued her superior education at The Thompson School of Pennsylvania. There she received her certificate in Nutrition and Fitness where she then worked full-time in the field for 2 years, using the money for medical school exams, courses and applications. As she received acceptance letters to medical school, she was forced to be independent because her family decided not to support her medical career choice.

In 2004, after deferring her acceptance one year, Nicole went to the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba without her family’s approval or support. In her first months at the school there was an obvious language barrier that she quickly broke in an outstanding manner. With much success she completed her 3 month Spanish course and continued with superior marks in the pre-medical courses (all coursework in Spanish).]