Rigo  Sint Jago.

Born and Raised on the Dutch Island of ARUBA.

43 years old father of two beautiful and smart kids.

Left the island at a very young age to study in Europe, Amsterdam to be exact and got my degree of Certified jeweler.

That's the main reason i am in Karatbars!

Saving in Gold is my second nature!!!

I joined KaraBtars back in December 2013 when there were only 60.000 affiliates in 57 countries, today we are active in 122 countries and worldwide we have over 440.000 affiliates and are on target to reach 1 million affiliates y the end of this year!

Just imagine the growth potential you have with this business.

I am a TeamBuilder and my goal is to help you grow your Karatbars business.

We do that by referring potential prospects to our Wednesday PGR meetings at 3pm EST @ WORLDWIDEGOLDGROUP   

On Mondays, we have Team Updates and on Fridays, we have our Training Webinars, same link, same time!

We offer 3-way calls, additional webinars and call in numbers! And a free Karabtars Training Email program.

I am pleased to welcome you to the Aruba Gold Global Group.

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